July 1, 2008

If Italy cries Britain doesn't laugh ...

You can say what you like about Italy, but at least the place—unlike the U.K., for instance—“has not become politically correct to the point of self destruction.” It’s not me who says so, it’s Alex, a Brit who lives in Milan, Italy, and also a good friend of this blog. May be he is right, may be not, I have no certainty about that. What I would regard as highly doubtful, in his argument, is the conclusion:

What Does the UK have equivalents of Di Pietro and Beppe Grillo? I’m a bit out of touch, so enlighten me. If the UK does not, it sure as heck needs them.

In fact, I would prefer Clementina Forleo. But, to tell the truth, I am thinking about Italy, where I would change ten thousand of those “honourable men” for only a couple more of Clementina.