January 7, 2012

Elections, Corruption, Predictions

~ “LETTERS FROM AMERICA” - by The Metaphysical Peregrine

In his latest puff piece interview with Steve Croft on the program “60 Minutes”, President Obama claimed there were only three presidents greater than him, Lincoln, FDR and Johnson, i.e., he’s the forth greatest president ever. On the flip side, Jimmy Carter, who gave us double digit inflation and unemployment, may correctly say he’s no longer the worst president ever, that mantle has been assumed by Obama.

One would think it impossible, after noting the items mentioned below, that there’s no way Obama can get reelected. Traditionally, a president entering the election cycle with a positive rating under 50% (Obama between 43% and 47%) and employment over 6% (now 8.6%) is sure to loose. Obama has reported a $billion in his campaign war chest, and the Main Stream Media  will again actively campaign for him; 47% of citizens are not paying income tax, and 51% of American households are receiving some sort of largess from the government. They have a vested interest keeping the status quo. About 43% of citizens will vote for Obama and the Democrat Party ticket no matter what. He only needs 3% or 4% more to get enough electoral votes to win.

Hopefully, and it’s a great unfounded hope, the weak, stupid and cowardly Republican Party leadership will mount a campaign exposing the truth of this Marxist president that ignores the Constitution.

Since Obama became president, our national debt has increased by 4 $Trillion. He asked for, a couple weeks ago, to raise the debt limit again by another $Trillion (temporarily put on hold for political reasons). Every American citizen is in debt $48,705 as a result. The first two years of his administration, both houses of the legislature were controlled by his political party, and they got two of his major bits of legislation passed, the stimulus package and Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). Stimulus package money went primarily to State employees, which are unionized, which means a lot of that money went to the unions, which in turn went to the Democrat Party and Obama. A nice money laundering scheme paid for by the taxpayers. One would think such a thing illegal. Guess not. Obamacare was passed near midnight on Christmas Eve. Not one Republican, even RINO’s (Republican in Name Only) voted for it. Two of the three years Obama and his party controlled government, yet three years in they still blame Bush, Republicans and the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party for the financial and employment woes of this country. That's what weak leaders do, blame their predecessors rather than take responsibility for the results of their decisions. 

There have been a lot of scandals, especially this past year, perpetrated by this administration, barely or not mentioned by the Main Stream Press. Obama and the Democrats are hell bent on destroying the energy sector of our economy. Since the disaster in the Gulf, permits for new drilling have been denied; this is against the law and is un-Constitutional. All coastal oil production has been shut down. Mining for coal has been massively slowed down because new environmental regulations have made it too costly for many mining companies to continue. Domestic oil production on land has been shut down. We have more oil and gas reserves than Saudi Arabia; we can be mostly energy independent if we so choose. He denied the Keystone oil pipeline from Canada, which would reduce energy costs and create about 20,000 US jobs, plus support jobs to those. What few factories are still in production are shutting down because of new environmental regulations. Jobs moving offshore are increasing because of increasing costs. GE was paid $Millions to create jobs. They are. In China.

This is so Obama can pay off his paymasters and contributors in the “Green” industries. Solyndra, a "green" company received half a $billion even when it was known by Obama it wasn’t a viable company. They went bankrupt, and the American taxpayers are out half a $billion. This whole thing is under investigation by the FBI. At this point, I’ll just start listing a few scandals, because even mention of some of the particulars of each would take up thousands of words and hours of reading. A more comprehensive accounting here. There’s  LightSquared involving Administration pressure on a couple Generals to perjure themselves before Congress and $millions in payoffs. There’s Fast and Furious where the Obama Administration sold guns to Mexican cartels that have resulted in several hundred deaths of Mexican citizens and a US Border Patrolman. There are thousands of waivers to companies and States to not have to pay for ObamaCare; they are all political payoffs. The States that got waivers are all Democrat controlled. That's okay, Republican controlled states will cover the cost! We have a racist Black US Attorney General that refuses to prosecute African Americans. By the way, it's now politically incorrect to call Black people Black. Go figure. I'm a frequent visitor to an African American (Black) blog where it's okay to use the term "whitey" and say all Republicans are racists. Of course that's not a double standard. What are you thinking? 

Obama signed into law on New Year’s Eve the National Defense Authorization Act, allowing the government to detain US citizens without due process; approved by the knuckleheads that objected to the Patriot Act’s horrendous (they claimed) violation of civil liberties because the government could request from libraries what books someone checked out, or to follow the money of suspected terrorists, or trace overseas phone calls of suspected terrorists.  Also to start off the year he said he’s cutting the US military by half a million personnel, creating yet more unemployed people in a horrible economy he’s created while decimating the military he hates. He also started the year appointing four of his cronies that are supposed to be approved by the Senate. He claimed they were recessed and so he was making these as part of his Executive Powers. Problem is, Congress was not in recess. 

A note, no segue, about the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. It’s supported by Islamists, Communists, and Unions; was formed and is controlled top down. It’s supported and endorsed by Obama and the Democrat Party. When the TEA Party, a true grass roots movement was being effective, by organizing and voting, nonviolently, they were called violent and fascists. The “Occupy” knuckleheads want to control the media, confiscate the wealth of producers, imprison those that disagree with them, and have all debts absolved; that sounds like fascism to me. As to violence, none of which happened at any TEA Party meeting unless created by a union thug, here’s a brief summary of “Occupiers” rap sheet:
- 9 deaths, 5 found dead in tents, One found dead after 2 days
- 2 murders
- Tens of millions of dollars in damages, layoffs, vandalism, law breaking
- Multiple Rapes
- Thousands of arrests
- Public masturbation
- Feces
All pretty much ignored by the Democrats and their propaganda mouthpiece, the Main Stream Media.

The point of this is we have the most corrupt administration since FDR, a man that as a matter of principle and policy is set out to destroy this Constitutional Republic, a Marxist ideologue that hates free enterprise and entrepreneurship, the US Military, and the Constitution. He’s a full blown racist that has caused more racial tension than has been seen since the 1960’s. He did make a campaign promise, to “fundamentally” change America. He’s being successful.

Being a new year, some predictions. Romney will win the Republican nomination for President. He’s a RINO, but at worst is infinitely better than Marxist Racist anti-Semite Islamist Obama. Republicans will gain at least 3 seats in the Senate and gain control of it. The House will remain in the control of Republicans. Expect Obama and Democrats to play the race card massively during the campaign. This will be the meanest, most vile and disgusting presidential campaign in US history. Obama has no record of any success to run on, so he has no choice but to convince Citizens that the alternative is worse. That can only be accomplished by a campaign of hate, lies and corruption.

America is at a crossroads. Liberty or Tyranny. We’ll know November 7th.