September 26, 2008

In memory of Burma’s Saffron Revolution (one year ago today)

If Burma is to achieve genuine democracy—said once Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma’s pro-democracy leader and Nobel Peace laureate—the result of the elections of 1990 must be recognized.

It must be recognized by the military regime, as it has been recognized by the people, and by the world at large. It is through this recognition that we will be able to make genuine progress in Burma. The results of the 1990 General Elections must be implemented is a resolution already taken by the United Nations. We already know that the General Assembly of the United Nations has accepted the notion that the will of the people has been expressed in the 1990 General Elections. This is something we cannot abandon. It will be to the detriment of our country if after an election has been held the results are not honoured and we do not resist attempts to trivialise it.

The world cannot ignore the lives of people scarified in 1988 mass uprising when more than 3000 people were gunned down, nor 2007 Saffron revolution when soldiers and riot police beaten and opened fire on Buddhist monks and peaceful demonstrators. A tremendous responsibility rests upon the United Nations Organisation.

That is why I signed the following petition,

We the undersigned petition the United Nations Secretary General to implement 1990 Elections result so as to restore peace, stability and national reconciliation in Burma.

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