October 6, 2010

The Most Beautiful Work Of Art

The Luteplayer (det.), Caravaggio, c. 1596
The word of faith has need of great inner silence in order to listen and obey a voice which lies beyond the visible and tangible world. This voice speaks through natural phenomena, because it is the power that created and governs the universe. But to recognize it we need a humble and obedient heart, something also taught us by the saint whose feast day falls today: St. Therese of the Child Jesus.

Faith follows this profound voice in places that even art itself cannot reach alone. It follows it along the path of witness, in the giving of self for love, as Cecilia did. Thus the most beautiful work of art, the masterpiece of human beings, is each of their acts of authentic love: from the smallest (in everyday sacrifice) unto the extreme sacrifice. At this point life itself becomes a hymn; an anticipation of the symphony we will sing together in heaven.

~ Benedict XVI, speaking at the end of an orchestral and choral concert in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall (Friday, October 1, 2010). Thanks: Luigi Accattoli