October 30, 2010

A Tsunami Of An Election

~ “LETTERS FROM AMERICA” - by The Metaphysical Peregrine ~

Three things stand out in our Election coming up this Tuesday; Democrat voter fraud, possibly the largest turnover of politicians in US history, and the leadership of women in the Conservative movement.

In my own state of Nevada, early voters reported that some voting machines already had incumbent Senator Harry Reid selected. It turns out the voting machine technicians are members of Service Employees International Union (SEIU). SEIU has given 95% of their political donations to Democrats. A Nevada caller to a radio talk show called in saying he had voted that day, and while he was there a bus pulled up with filled with casino union workers wearing their union shirts with their booklet of union approved candidates. Campaigning at polling places is against Federal law, and this wasn’t technically illegal, but the effect was the same.  Reid’s campaign also had voting parties where food and gift cards were passed out in violation of Federal voting laws. There will be no prosecution of course, since the current US Justice Department only prosecutes Christians, Conservatives and white people.

The evidence of this is the New Black Panther Party, a violent Black racist group of thugs that stood outside a polling place in paramilitary uniforms carrying nightsticks during the election of two years ago. This is in violation of Federal election law, but we have a racist Justice Department, and as the months go by, more stories are coming to light of laws being selectively enforced based on race, political, and religious views. Two assistant attorneys general have quit the department in protest. The Black Panthers said they will be out in force again this election doing the same.

I could make this whole post about Democrat voter fraud at the level any third world dictatorship would be proud of. Of course the Jurassic Press never sees it, and if it does doesn’t’ report it. One of our Circuit Courts has just ruled that proving citizenship to vote is unconstitutional. All Courts have ruled that showing an ID at the polling place is an unconstitutional requirement. It’s so bad there’s now a smart phone app to report voting place fraud.

The most disgusting and galling are three Democrat controlled states that have not sent absentee ballots to servicemen overseas, in violation of Federal election law. They are not being prosecuted by the Justice Department either. Traditionally military personnel vote Republican.  

The turnover of political parties will be larger than even the historic 1994 election despite massive Democrat voter fraud. Then there was a 54 seat pick up by Republicans, and an 8 seat pick up in the Senate. Republicans need 39 seats to win control the House of Representatives, and 10 seats to win the Senate. Political strategists of both political parties predict Republicans will pick up 54 seats in the House and 5 for certain in the Senate. There are still 6 Senate seats in addition to the 5 that are too close to call, so it’s possible the Republicans can control the Senate too.

Conservative women are the engine driving this political tsunami. The Left has been reduced to calling them whores and bitches. The National Organization of Women, a small Leftist group with no influence, but the darling of the Jurassic Press and Democrats, endorses this language. They even say dumb stuff like Conservative women aren’t really women. This is of a piece with Black Democrats saying the conservative Blacks aren’t really Black. The attack on these conservative women has been vicious, all of it personal, none of it on the issues.

A brief example is the attack on Minnesota Representative Michelle Bachman. She was recently attacked by Joy Behar (she’s on the show “The View” and has her own CNN program) who said that Bachman is “against children”. This is linked to Bachman opposing ObamaCare and lots of other legislation that mandates how parents raise their kids. Bachman is the mother of 5 and the foster parent of 23 kids. She's against children? Pages could be written about the lies, slander, slurs and meanness visited upon Sarah Palin. Leftists only support women that are Leftists. Independent women that have fulfilled the feminist ideal of success based on merit are the enemy. When we look at Sharron Angle (challenging Senator Harry Reid in Nevada), Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell (running for Senate in Delaware), Meg Whitman (running for Governor in California), and Carly Fiorina (running for Senate in California), we see women successful in their own right. Fiorina was CEO of Hewlett Packard, Meg Whitman was cofounder and CEO of EBay, Sarah Palin was a Governor.  

Leftist political women? Hillary Clinton got where she is on the coat tails of her husband Bill, Nancy Pelosi got where she is using her husband’s wealth and power, as did California Senator Barbara Boxer, and of course Michelle Obama who’s accomplished nothing of merit and has labeled herself “mom in chief”, tells us to eat our fruits and veggies while she goes out and eats mushy beef burgers, fries and ice cream.

At play too are several governorships and state assemblies. Even local elections will see a big turnover. Everything is in play from national to local. 

This triad is a turnover of historic proportions. Strong independent women for leaders, Conservatives not only challenging entrenched Democrats but kicking out RINO’s (Republican in Name Only), and Democrat Party fraud that has not been reported by the Jurassic Press in the past now being exposed by the New Media.

This is a perfect storm that will roll back, and rock, the Statist agenda. I’ll be up late Tuesday night watching Liberty rise and Democrats cry.