November 4, 2008

Waiting for the last judgement ...

Italy is gearing up for today's presidential elections in the United States almost as if it was a national election here complete with all-night TV coverage, ANSA informs.

Actors Leonardo Di Caprio and Daniel Craig will follow the results of the presidential elections from Rome tonight after arriving in the capital ahead of the Italian premieres of their latest movies.

As for me, I'm gonna do my best—in spite of the six-hour time difference ...

Election night (popcorn included)

So many have predicted a lopsided victory for Senator Barack Obama over Senator John McCain that you might wonder why even to bother watching the returns on Tuesday night. The fact is, there is plenty of mystery — and there is only one poll that counts.

Yes, indeed. There is only one poll that counts … Here is a guide of highlights to watch for on Tuesday.