October 23, 2011

Protests, Propaganda, Presidents

~ “LETTERS FROM AMERICA” - by The Metaphysical Peregrine

President Obama and the Democrats continue to blame America’s
economic woes on George Bush even though their Party controlled both houses of Congress for most of the 20th century, with a couple years spread out here and there for the Republicans. The first two years of this administration Congress was controlled completely by the Democrats. Together they increased our debt by about $4 trillion dollars. Right now we are $15,000,000,000,000 in debt. That puts every man, woman and child in America $47,835 in debt. That doesn't include $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities, the things the Federal Government has taken off the books and say the States or someone has to pay for. They’re all in massive debt too, and unable to pay.

Obama did a big “pass this now” jobs bill. It didn’t pass the Democrat controlled Senate. A second try was made last week, and again it was not passed by the Democrat controlled Senate. Yet on the campaign trail promoting his jobs bill, he blamed the Republicans. Really and truly. The lowest sort of blame came from Vice President Joe Biden, who said not passing the bill would mean there would be an increase in rapes and murders, and it would be the Republican’s fault. Other leaders in the Democrat Party are repeating this disgusting lie and line. Shameless.

A couple months ago some college students and aging hippies got together to protest Wall Street and corporations. They are financed and organized by media outlets, unions and the socialist movement. They call themselves the 99%. They made some bad life choices, or are just lazy, and want the 1% to pay for it. The “Occupy Wall Street” protests popped up in several cities and have gotten massive positive coverage. There have been beatings, thefts, rape, public nudity and sexual activity, clashes with the police, violence and hundreds of arrests. People are defecating in public, including on police cars and the American flag. Pedophiles are exposing themselves to children. (What are kids doing there?) They wear the latest threads provided by corporations, using millions of dollars of the latest technology made by corporations. Now at the protest sites rats are breeding like, well, rats, and the health hazard is becoming extreme. The Left is anti-Semitic, and the signs along with anti-Jewish rants bear it out. It’s been a dirty little secret for years. It’s still being covered up by the Jurassic Press. Its racism bubbled up at the Portland protest when a black man was called a n****er by several of the protesters.

Support for these non-producers comes not only from the Main Steam Media, but elite socialists in the hated 1%. Russell Simmons is a multimillionaire that has several businesses, including a high interest credit card (how capitalist can you get), is a 1 per center that supports the movement. Fat cat propagandist Michael Moore, emphasis on fat, is worth several $million; as are the Obama’s, Bill Clinton, George Soros, Susan Sarandon and most of the Hollywood elites. If anything, why aren’t multimillionaire actors that make mostly bad movies, shelter their earnings to reduce their tax rate, being protested? They're in the 1%. Other supporters of the movement include the fascist Iranian government, Communist Party USA, Socialist Party of America, the Nazi Party of America; the Russian Kleptocrats lead by Putin, and the Democrat Party.

All the nastiness, hatred, violence, anti-Semitism, and racism is being glossed over by reporters in the Main Stream Media. Conversely, what’s reported about the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party is they are racist and violent, even though there is no evidence of either. The only violence that occurred was when union thugs showed up at rally’s and town hall meetings and tried to start fights. TEA Party members and supporters met with elected "servants of the people" at town hall meetings, didn’t like what they heard, and went to the polls and voted many of them out; legally, nonviolently and constitutionally. The Wall Street protesters are advocating the destruction of our economic system and the overthrow of our constitutional republic to be replaced by a socialist state. About a third of them advocate for the violent overthrow of the government.

Going back to the top of this post, we have an incompetent president that was elected to the highest office in the land with no business or government executive experience. He's had an easy life of people just giving him everything he wanted. He was raised by communists and racists. He went to church that worshipped at the altar of racism and materialist Marxism, not the altar of God. His two self aggrandizing books are peppered with racist statements. He claimed to be a constitutional professor but was only a guest lecturer. He was editor of a college publication, but never wrote an article. He’s never released his grades like every president before him. (As an aside, the Press kept claiming John Kerry was smarter than GW Bush. Bush had higher grades, an advanced degree, and was a fighter pilot. Kerry ran a little boat on a river, a job that a chief petty officer could do.) Obama never had a job, never met a payroll, never governed a state, and never ran a business. In both state and US senates he mostly voted ‘present’.

Yet the theme presented by the Jurassic Press about the Republican candidates is that they are lacking and not ready for the presidency. There’s a fighter pilot governor in Rick Perry who's economic policies created a pro-business environment resulting in the creation of most of the jobs in the United States the past few years. A hugely successful businessman, a guy that pulled the winter Olympics out of certain failure into a success, and a governor in Mitt Romney. A successful lawyer and business woman in Michelle Bachman, and a successful businessman in Herman Cain. Newt Gringrich may be the smartest politician alive, and all the Left can do is personally attack him because they’re unable to successfully debate him. Yet all these people are less qualified than Obama? Look where that’s gotten us.