June 10, 2012

Oooops, Backfire and Disarray

~ “LETTERS FROM AMERICA” - by The Metaphysical Peregrine ~

President Elect Obama created an “Office of the President Elect”, had a seat on his plane with a logo for the imagined office, and spoke with Greek columns as his stage. He promised to be post partisan, post political, post racial, and even slow the rise of the oceans (yes he really said that, there’s a vid).

Instead of lollipops and roses we have our country in an economic death spiral, riots by pampered whiney white kids (Occupy movement), a deepening nasty racial divide, skyrocketing energy costs (done by design, there’s a vid of him saying that too), crony capitalism ($trillions of taxpayer money going to businesses), blatant attacks on Christians, and a culture of intolerance and hate (from the Left) that is promoted by his political party and his propaganda division, the Main Stream Press.

Because of all that, the lollipops have melted and the roses are dead. His shine is off, even with a growing number of the leadership in the Democrat Party, including Bill Clinton several times, criticizing him publicly. Because he’s a Statist ideologue, he can’t, like Bill Clinton did, “triangulate” and change course.

His campaign started with an attack not only on Mitt Romney’s venture capital company, Bain Capital, but on capitalism itself. That caused several prominent Democrat leaders to speak against him. Obama’s team attacked them and made them recant. After his spending $trillions (taxpayer dollars, printed dollars, borrowed dollars from enemies of the US) on businesses, his “investment record” has a massive failure rate. Over 80% of his “loans” to “green energy” companies were to big donors to his campaign. Can’t find the total number of failed companies he “invested” in, but most have failed, and $trillions lost. Bain Capital under the leadership of Romney had only 22% of his investments fail, and he used real money from private citizens.

Then there’s the “Republican’s War on Women”. That isn’t working out so well because most Democrats recently voted for selective sex abortions, very unpopular with citizens. Like Communist China it seems Leftists in this country would abort baby girls until they get a son. (Counter intuitive; if men are so rotten why create more of them by killing baby girls?)  It turns out too that several Democrat women congressional staffers get paid substantially less than men holding the same job. Democrat Senator Patty Murray pays women on her staff about $21,000 less than men. It turns out that women working for Democrat politicians made an average salary of $60,877 in 2011; men made on average $6,500 a year more. Democrats have been unable to pass equal pay acts even when they controlled both houses of congress, and this latest “Paycheck Fairness Act” they brought up just so they could use it as part of their campaign to buttress their claim of Republican’s ‘war on women’.  By the way, analysis that adjusts for such things as hours worked, time taken off and other variables show pay is equal for equal jobs in the private sector. Now the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports there are 766,000 fewer women in the workforce than when he took office. Another backfire for the Obama campaign was his using his attack on the Catholic Church and their opposition to contraception; as that being part of the Republican war on women, was actually perceived by the citizens for what is was, an attack on religion, the Catholic Church, and freedom generally. Who knew the Republican Party controlled the Catholic Church? 

Then the Obama campaign attacked Romney for his employment record when his was governor of Massachusetts; the claim being that he left office with a high unemployment rate. The backfire on that is when Romney left office the Massachusetts unemployment rate was 4 point something percent, and Obama’s unemployment has been 8% - 10% the whole time he’s been in office.

The Obama campaign attacked Romney for being a hypocrite by his attacking the Solyndra failure; Obama lost $millions when the “green” company went under. There was a solar company in Massachusetts, Konarka Technologies that was given a $1.5 million loan two months after Romney was sworn in; he had no part in the loan. Romney also tried to get rid of the state’s “green energy” investment program. Konarka repaid the loan in full. It later went bankrupt, years after Romney left office. In short, Romney had nothing to do with it. Another backfire and oops.

In the recent failed recall election of the Wisconsin Governor and Lieutenant Governor and a few Republican legislators by Leftists, Unions and the Democrat Party, Obama didn’t enter the state and did no campaigning on their behalf. Unions and Wisconsin Democrats are seriously unhappy with him for that. Governor Walker scored a decisive win over them all.  Oooops.    

There was the incident raised by the Obama campaign about how in high school (in the 1960’s! when he was a teenager!) Romney bullied some other kid. Nobody, not even the family and friends of the man (deceased) remember the incident. The family is ticked off because their family member was being used as a political pawn.  Then it turns out in one of his books, Obama wrote about bullying an overweight girl.  Ooops and backfire.

Obama can’t run on his record. He’s tried. He has an ad saying he’s employed over 4 million people in the private sector. All except his hard core supporters recognize that with over eight percent unemployment, 22 million unemployed, it shows this to be a blatant lie and doesn't fly.

When he ran against McCain’s inept campaign, along with the excitement generated by the possibility of our first black president, general well wishing, no record, and not being vetted by the Press, it was all unicorns and rainbows. Now he has a record, has proven incompetent, shows a lack of leadership by blaming his problems on everyone and everything else, has been shown shrewd but not smart, and has a seriously competent campaign running against him. Leaders in his own political party and other Leftists are turning against him. That translates into low Democrat voter turnout. 

Lots of mistakes, lots of backfires, lots of lies, lots of oooops. After his post everything presidency, his opposition is looking forward to him being post president. The Romney campaign, Republicans and Conservatives must, in any case, keep the pressure up, and keep kicking Obama when he’s down.


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