January 17, 2007

Obama's choice

Barack Hussein Obama is the fifth African American Senator in U.S. history and the only African American presently serving in the U.S. Senate. The son of Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. of Alego, a village in Nyanza Province, Kenya, and Ann Dunham of Wichita, Kansas, he grew up in his mother's white American middle class family. Obama and his wife, Michelle, live on Chicago ’s South Side, where they—and their two daughters, Malia, 8 and Sasha—attend Trinity United Church of Christ.

According to recent opinion polls he is the second most popular choice among Democratic voters for their party's nomination in the 2008 U.S. presidential election, behind Hillary Clinton, and just yesterday he took his first step toward launching a Presidential campaign by announcing an “exploratory committee.”

Gene, at Harry’s Place, has asked a good question (he also linked to this well-krafted video, which could be of some help to those who might want to try and answer this question):

can a man of mixed race […] with only two years in the Senate […] whose middle name is Hussein and whose last name rhymes with Osama, be elected President of
the United States?