February 14, 2015

Yet Another Review of Blessed Are the Contrarians

There are no words to describe how thankful I am for having such a passionate and dedicated reader, and such a generous and thoughtful reviewer (at Goodreads).
Thank you, Diana Stevan, and may God bless you and your family!
Here is an excerpt:

A philosopher by nature and education, Piccoli writes about political life in both his native country, Italy (the whole Berlusconi fiasco) and in America (the ongoing battles between Obama and the Republicans). Because I’m left leaning in politics, it was refreshing to read his point of view, which is more conservative than mine. I was enlightened in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

Some of his essays are about religion. Since I’ve drifted away from organized religion, I was fascinated by his attention to God, and the Catholic church. Though I didn’t agree with all his positions, he made me think, and he opened my mind up to other possibilities.
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