April 19, 2011

Going Kindle

Even the last few days have been very busy for me, and as it was not enough I have been mostly off-line lately (new ISP, new modem-router) and still have troubles with Internet connection. Hence the light or no blogging at all. Once again, too bad, since so many things have been happening meanwhile. But if I was prevented from having my say on what is happening in the word—well, no real big loss though, I’m sure you were able to get by on your own these days…—I must say that I took advantage from one of the circumstances which kept me away from the blogosphere: my new Amazon Kindle 3 3G + Wi-Fi.

It has been said that the new Kindle is to the old what the paperback is to the hardback, and this is no doubt true: it’s smaller, cheaper, faster and better connected than its predecessor. Besides being a relatively inexpensive device for reading books (Kindle is widely regarded as the best e-reader on the market), it offers an experimental web browser which is free to use over Kindle’s 3G or Wi-Fi connections. And if you are travelling outside the United States, there is free access to the Amazon store and Wikipedia in over 100 countries anywhere you have a 3G connection. You can browse other websites globally via a Wi-Fi connection. Access to other websites while travelling abroad is available via a 3G connection in over 60 countries. It’s absolutely fantastic. Here is a video review (full written review here):