July 3, 2009

Rainbow alphabet doggerel (K,L)

K is for Kite

If a king can eat a kipper
And a queen can kiss a knight,
Then a knave can kick a kettle
And a kid can fly a kite.


L is for Laugh

"I like to laugh",
Lord Lovelock lisped,
"And leapfrog
On the lawn,
Learn Latin whilst
I lie in bed
At least from dusk
To dawn

If lingering long
In lonely lanes
To me is quite
For others such
Leisures in life
Might likely look
Quite frightful."



If you don't listen you won't learn
If you're dishonest you will lie
If you're late you will be last
If you're sad then you might cry.
But if you're joyful you will laugh
And if you look then you will see
And if you do everything with love
Then always happy you will be.


Text & image © Mirino
(PW) image © Binta. July, 2009

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