September 16, 2010

The Guardian, the Pope and the “notables”

While crowds were gathering to welcome Benedict XVI to Edinburgh, first stop on the Pope’s UK visit, I must confess that I was still fairly confused about this letter, published by the Guardian and signed by some British notables, against the Pope and his state visit. What on earth? After all Britain is not so much anti-Catholic as quite rude, and unusually secular, and the Guardian, I was repeating to myself over and over again, is an honorable daily newspaper (without ifs and buts, that’s for sure!), why did they do that? …Until I came across this Fr. John Zuhlsdorf ‘s post—kind of an “evangelical synopsis,” if I may say so—thanks to which it all became clear to me: it was a joke, just a damned joke! Or, if you prefer, as a commentator to that very post brilliantly put it, are we sure Charles Dickens didn’t invent some of those notable people who signed the letter?