September 28, 2011

Not Just the Daily Grind: Today’s Must Reads (or so) - Sept. 28, 2011

  1. In Wealthy Germany, the Church Should Become Poor!
    Never before his third voyage to his native land had Benedict XVI given such powerful emphasis to the ideal of a Church poor in structures, in possessions, in power. At the same time, however, he insisted on the need for a vigorous "public presence" of this same Church. Is it possible to have both at once? (Also sprach der Papst von Rom - 4)
  2. How at last my fellow Italians fell out of love with Silvioby Beppe Severgnini, Italian political commentator and author of Mamma mia! Berlusconi’s Italy Explained for Posterity and Friends Abroad. Italy is currently crossing a treacherous border – perhaps the third and final such crossing, as far as Mr Berlusconi is concerned. The first border was between complicity and embarrassment. The second divides embarrassment from irritation and shame, while the third is between shame and anger. (This definitely fits to “italomaniacs” in search of strong emotions—sort of Cavalleria Rusticana in pinstripes)
  3. Berlusconi “stunned and saddened” by bishop’s speech -
    Political sources said Berlusconi was left “stunned and saddened” by the speech by Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco (see my previous post), who said Italy needed to “purify the air.” “It’s one more nail in the coffin,” said James Walston, political science professor at the American University of Rome. “When and if Berlusconi stands for office again, the bishops’ message is clear: don’t vote for him.” (The definitive scientific prove that Silvio is human)
  4. Harris Poll: Romney, Ron Paul Best Obama -
    Mitt Romney stands the best chance among Republican presidential contenders of beating President Barack Obama in next year’s election, according to a new Harris Interactive poll released Tuesday. The former Massachusetts governor also was the favored GOP candidate among independent voters, with Texas Rep. Ron Paul following close behind, according to the online survey of 2,462 adults taken in mid-September. The news was also good for Paul when pitted against Obama in a head-to-head matchup. (OK, but what the hell happened to Rick Perry?)
  5. "It is time once again for the Church resolutely to set aside her worldliness"
    Only in this way can the real scandal of Christianity, that of the cross, shine among men, without being overshadowed "by other painful scandals on the part of the preachers of the faith." The pope's speech to German Catholics active in the Church and in society (Also sprach der Papst von Rom - 3)