September 15, 2009

Rainbow alphabet doggerel (S,T)

S is for Simple

Sailor Simon went to sea
In a ship with a single sail.
When a salty storm shook the ship
The sail was slit by the gale.

So when all seemed lost
And the squall shrieked on
He was seized by a shylock squid,
'If I take you to shore and save your soul,
It would only cost you a quid.'

(When sailor Simon went to sea
He only took sixpence
He surmised that if he offered that
The squid would take offence)

So as the ship sunk slowly
The squid squeezed out some ink,
'Just sign upon the dotted line,
Or else you're sure to sink.'

So sailor Simon's soul was saved
And so should suit his story
But since he's sadly still in debt
Such seems to shame his glory.

Sailor Simon went to sea
In a ship with a single sale
As he sailed the seas in search of the squid
His ship shook from the shock of a whale.

'I'm so sorry,' Simon said,
'I didn't see you there.'
The whale simply softly sighed
Then said he didn't care.

'Another scar upon my side
Seems no surprise to me,
But tell me Sir, why sail a ship
So blindly upon the sea?'

'I'm searching for the shylock squid
Who threatens me to sue.
I still owe him six shillings,
A sum sadly overdue.'

With a smart squirt from his spout
The whale spoke then slowly sank,
'I saw the squid on Saturday,
Stranded on a bank.'

'He hid his savings in the sand
And missed the final tide.
It seems that since from sunstroke
The shylock squid has died.'

So sailor Simon's soul was saved
And so were his six shillings,
For tides may serve as nature's way
Of settling final billings.


T is for Time

The toad shed a tear
As he sat on his stool
Thinking of old times
When he once went to school.

Such a tiny tadpole
Would much rather play
Than tediously try
To learn lessons each day.

'There's always tomorrow,'
The small tadpole thought,
'Always tons of time
For me to be taught.'

The toad blinked and sighed
Twitching his old toes.
One lesson he'd learnt
Was how quickly time goes.


Text & image © Mirino
(PW) image © Chiara. September, 2009

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