November 8, 2010

The Aftermath of the Electoral Tsunami and Why It Happened

~ “LETTERS FROM AMERICA” - by The Metaphysical Peregrine ~

The elections last week reflected where US citizens are socio-politically, more than expressing any great sea change. Before and after the election, polls showed 22% of Americans consider themselves liberal, 34% consider themselves conservative, and 44% consider themselves moderate. That 44%, the “swing vote”, when the internals are looked at, moderates measure themselves leaning more conservative.

Since Obama and the Democrats assumed power of the Executive and Legislative branches of government, the national debt has tripled and unemployment has doubled. They are seen as anti-business, as reflected in their recent attack on the US Chamber of Commerce, the most powerful business lobby in the US. They are also adamant about raising taxes on business.  

In exit polls election day, 4 of 10 voters said they supported or were members of the TEA Party movement. Obama, the Democrats, other Leftists, and the lap dog media called all those people racists and stupid. It’s gone on for about two years. That started a culture war beyond politics when elected officials began name calling and personally insulting their political opposition.

Addressing the racist issue, which the Statists throw out whenever they can because it’s the only response they can come up with, here’s some interesting information. Fourteen Blacks ran as Republicans and were supported by the TEA Party. Only two of them won. The “racist” Tea Party supported all the way to victory, not only those two black Republicans to congress, but a female Hispanic Governor (first in our history), a Native American Governor (who is also a Sikh), a black Lt. Governor, and a Cuban-America Senator.  Look for the Dems and Jurassic Press point out the small number of Republican Blacks in Congress in the coming weeks and months, supporting their contention that Republicans are racists. What they won’t report is how many non-whites and women Republicans at all levels of government were elected. What they don’t and won’t report is the Congressional Black Caucus refuses to let Republican Blacks join. This will be challenged by newly elected African American Allen West of Florida.  The National Association of Colored People (NAACP) refused to endorse any Black Republican, also not noted in the Jurassic Press.  

Then there’s Obama’s statement on a Hispanic radio station just before the election, referring to his political opposition, as “enemies that must be punished”, once again attacking citizens of the US. He’s also attacks citizens of the US, bringing in several foreign countries to help out, to sue the state of Arizona for passing legislation that enforces already exiting federal border and immigration law. Anyone that supports that law is of course, a racist, both for opposing the Justice Department lead by a racist black man Eric Holder, black man Obama, and for being anti-Hispanic. One only needs to read Obama’s ego building self aggrandizing books to understand he’s a racist too. The things he says about white people alone should have kept him out of the White House, but those statements were not reported by the Jurassic Press.

Beyond that, citizens don’t like it when the Justice Department refuses to prosecute African Americans for crimes yet investigates white people. They don’t like it when illegal immigrants vote and the Justice Department doesn’t investigate. There was massive voter fraud by Democrats, unions and racist and illegal Hispanics reported this past election, and the Justice Department refuses to investigate. All that creates the perception this Administration and the Democrat Party is not interested in the rule of law. Americans are serious about law enforcement. Relating to Justice, the Judicial Branch frequently throws out legislation or propositions voted on by the public. The biggest recent example is a gay California Superior Court judge that tossed out a voter approved amendment to the California Constitution stating that marriage is defined by the union of a man and a woman. It passed by 7 million votes. One judge trumps 7 million votes. The citizens don’t like that kind of thing, and it happens a lot all over the US.  

Senior citizens also came out against Obama and the Democrats. The primary reason is that when the new health care legislation is peeled back, a lot of medical care for seasoned citizens is reduced or eliminated. In the last election, seniors (over 65 years old) pretty much split evenly. This election Republicans got a shift, and increase of 20% over Democrats. More seniors came to the polls too, up from 19% to 23%, and voted against the Democrats. A primary concern for them is the newly passed health care bill that cuts $500 billion from Medicare programs. A standard tactic of the Democrats is the charge Republicans are going to end Social Security. Seasoned citizens didn’t buy it this time. They understand Republicans want only to give younger voters an opt out, or at least take a portion of their social security deductions and invest it in retirement funds. The Democrat scare tactic is being reinterpreted by seniors as insulting their intelligence, and demeans them. We’re glad our seasoned citizens are catching on.

The young too are finally realizing Democrats and Obama don’t have their best interests at heart. The health care bill requires all citizens to buy health insurance under penalty of imprisonment, fine, or both. That is coupled with three to four generations of debt that will have to be paid off, which means higher taxes and reduced income for them and their kids.

In the aftermath of all this, the Democrats and Obama are still blaming George Bush and the Republicans for all these economic woes. This is viewed as a lack of leadership. The budget of the US is created by Congress, controlled by the Democrats the past four years. Obama ran for office saying he would assume responsibility and do a better job. It hasn’t happened and things are worse. There has’t been such a huge political turnover since 1947, and no one on the Statist side will own up to it. Many of them are saying they didn’t push their extreme Leftist agenda far enough, and that’s why they lost. That could only make sense to a Liberal, ‘we didn’t pass enough Leftist legislation, so the citizens voted massively for racist right wing extremist Republicans’. Say what?

Ultimately voters saw a failed TARP, failed stimulus packages, bailouts of companies that should have been allowed to restructure after bankruptcies, payoffs to fat cats on Wall Street with taxpayer dollars, failure to enforce immigration law and protect the borders, failure to protect citizens, the Federal government suing its own citizens for policy disagreements, name calling and charges of racism. The promise Obama made was that he would create a “post partisan, post racial society”. The opposite has occurred. We are divided more than any time, at least my lifetime (over half a century). They see more economic bad news coming down the pike with more money being printed to make it appear the deficit is being reduced. They see businesses not hiring or growing their businesses because the health care costs and taxes for doing so are unknown. The Democrat congress did not pass, as required by law, a budget this year, nor did they say if tax cuts passed early in the Bush administration were going to be extended, left to expire, or increased. They heard the president tell his political opposition to ‘get in back and shut up’ and they are enemies to be punished. The American people don’t want to hear their president talking like that.

The next election in two years sees even more Democrat seats up for reelection. The results will be even more devastating to them. The people that are raising their kids, going to work, paying taxes and minding their own business have had enough of more government, more taxes, more regulation, more everything that violates their sensibilities of personal liberty, free markets and free minds.   

Why China May Not Matter Quite As Much As You Think

Ok, it’s true that in China growth of 9.6%—recorded in the year to the third quarter—represents a slowdown and that, according to the IMF, China will account for almost a fifth of world growth this year (just over a quarter at purchasing-power parity).

Yet, when the Bank Credit Analyst, an independent research firm, asked what would happen if China suffered a “hard landing,” its answer was far less apocalyptic than one would expect. In fact, as it pointed out, at the start of the 1990s Japan accounted for a bigger share of GDP than China does today, and notwithstanding this, when in the first half of the 1990s its growth slowed from about 5% to 1% it all happened without any discernible effect on global trends.

It is hard to exaggerate the Chinese economy’s far-reaching impact on the world, but not impossible, after all... Read this October 28th Economist article to convince yourself (if you can).

Thanks: Nicola