April 20, 2012

RIP Levon Helm

Levon Helm died today at 71.

The Way They Do It in Washington?

“[S]ometimes there are two ways of doing things: the right way, and the way they do it in Washington.”

~ Ronald Reagan (Cenikor Foundation - Houston, Texas, April 29, 1983)

When “the Great Communicator” uttered that famous sentence, he probably made a mistake—he should have said, the way they do it in Rome. The first link of the list provides an illuminating example of this.

[Italian Politics Updates - 3]

  1. The Complicated Toils of the Most Despised Tax (The new “municipal” property tax gives revenue to the central government and is hard to calculate) | Il Sole-24 Ore
  2. Markets accept Italian fiscal slippage | Reuters
  3. Monti’s 2012 Italy Budget in Line With EU Forecast, Bailly Says | Bloomberg
  4. Three million Italians have given up job hunt | ANSA
  5. Italy shifts priority from austerity to growth | Reuters
  6. Labor union calls for major protest May 10 | ANSA