November 8, 2006

Don't shoot the wolves

Do you remember Bruno the bear, the brown bear whose story made headlines last summer? After having been happily and safely resident in Italy for years, Bruno made the mistake of straying across the border into Bavaria, where it was shot by a hunter, despite its status as a species theoretically protected across the EU.

Well, we are facing a repeat of the fate that befell Bruno the bear, but this time it’s up to the wolves. As a matter of fact, despite theoretical protection under EU law, wolves continue to be targeted in France and Switzerland (where the most recent kill took place, at the end of last month). “In Italy the wolves must be protected,” said Italy's Environment Minister, “In France and Switzerland on the other hand they are massacred. […] We don't accept a repetition of the Bruno saga.”

As Alberto Meriggi, a researcher at the University of Pavia and an expert on the distribution of wolves in the northern Appenines, told la Repubblica newspaper, “Our decision to apply the law protecting wolves without exception has allowed the Appenine wolf to return vigorously throughout the peninsula. […] Today once again the Italian wolf is in resurgence. We must be careful not to allow the destruction of decades of work.” [Read the rest]

Well, I am equally bound to say that we should be very careful. Besides, who is afraid—as St. Francis of Assisi would have said—of Brother Wolf?


  1. Oh English !!!
    Grazie :)

    An interesting story too ... I didn't realise.

    Europe is so strange to me ... little countries on a big landmass, all trying so desperately to be different ... because they are and yet animals crossing borders and being shot for it, is simply insane.

  2. I agree with you, Di, but I look forward to reading a post of your own and writing "Oh Italiano!!! Thanks!"

  3. who is afraid? certainly not me! but please let us protect not only wolves, but also every other species of mammal and beyond...

  4. ... human beings included, of course ...

  5. Lol Rob ... if I did that, you might write me a private email and say, 'Di, you can't do that to Italiano ... it's torture' ;)