October 25, 2007


The more one reflects on it, the more one is convinced, I believe, that the passage from constraint to freedom is accomplished in belonging. This, however, opens up a vast field for meditation. How indeed shall we judge the modern anarchical notion of freedom which implies precisely the fact of not belonging to anybody or anything? Analysis discloses that what is here presented as a plenitude may be after all only a void. We should closely examine, however, the historical relation between this anarchical individualism and a socialism which at first sight seems to be opposed to it in every respect, since they have not only developed concurrently, but have even at times encroached on one another; as though, by a clearly marked dialectic, the unity without content of a self which belongs to nobody gave birth to the false plenitude of a social idolatry to fill or absorb it.
Gabriel Marcel (1940)

Hat tip: A Step At A Time

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  1. Essere interi è essere parte (U.K. Le Guin)

  2. Il tuo motto, mi pare. Ma perché "pInkTalaxocracy," se non sono indiscreto? Ciao.

  3. perchè mi piace quando le persone mi chiedono cosa significhi il mio nick. Davvero. (ho usato anche Emblemi Violenti, da Gormenghast di Mervin Peake)

  4. Ah, adesso ho capito tutto, del resto "talassocrazia rosa" vuol dire talassocrazia rosa, che altro sennò?

  5. si. ricorda un po' la pantautologia del professor pickup in "la scuola dei dittatori" di Ignazio Silone


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