February 27, 2008

Don't Forget Burma

I am experiencing firsthand the benefits of being on Facebook. In fact, since I got my Facebook account a few days ago, I have been able to participate in groups such as “Support the Monks' protest in Burma,” and to receive—this very morning—“real-time” information about initiatives such as DON'T FORGET BURMA, that is

a new groundbreaking campaign launched to show the world that normal people have not forgotten Burma and to show the brave pro-democracy protestors who took to the streets a few weeks ago that the world has not forgotten them.

Since the media spotlight above Burma is dimming day after day, I think this is a very interesting way to draw people’s attention to the fact that now more than ever Burma needs their support!

Please go to http://www.dontforgetburma.org/ to see what DON'T FORGET BURMA is all about and do your part, as did the author of the above picture.


  1. Hello!

    I read the post title in Tocqueville. Looks like we both care :-)

    I think you will find some of the links in my blog quite interesting...

    Well met! ;op

  2. Well met, ajk! I'll have a look at your stuff as soon as I can.