March 20, 2008

Pope Benedict on Tibet

I had no doubts about that. Benedict XVI would have said what he actually said. Here is an excerpt from the full account by Asia News:

Pope Benedict XVI and The Dalai Lama of TibetThe pope is following "with great trepidation" what is taking place in Tibet, and feels "sadness and sorrow in the face of so much suffering", issuing an appeal to recall that "violence never resolves problems, but only worsens them", and asking that "God may illuminate the minds of all and give each one the courage to choose the path of dialogue and tolerance". These words for the tormented Asian region today concluded the last general audience before Easter, at which Benedict XVI had already issued an appeal to include in prayer "the dramatic events and situations that in these days are weighing upon our brothers in so many parts of the world", and pointed to the "great hope" of the days of Holy Week. "We know", he said to the 15,000 faithful present at the general audience, "that hatred, division, and violence never have the last word in the events of history. These days renew within us the great hope that the crucified and risen Christ has overcome the world: love is stronger than hatred, he has conquered". We must "work in communion with Christ, for a world founded upon peace, justice, and love. This is a task that involves all of us".

And now we cannot but hope that his words will be heard. Sometimes miracles do happen. You don't even have to believe it. You only have to want to believe it. As shown in Mark 9: 20-24. “Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief …”

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