May 16, 2008

Global Day of Action for Cyclone Nargis Victims

The cyclone Nargis, which roared for ten hours, tearing off roofs, uprooting trees and destroying power lines, is the worst natural disaster since the boxing day Tsunami in 2004. Whole towns and villages have been wiped out. Most of the victims were overwhelmed by a 12ft moving wall of water that bore down on their low lying villages at the mouth of the Irrawaddy River Delta.

The survivors are living in terrible conditions; without clean water, food or healthcare, they are living surrounded by flood waters contaminated by rotting corpses, animals and raw sewage. Over 1,5 million people are now at risk. We know that diseases, such as cholera, dysentery and malaria, are spreading. In spite of the incredible statement (hat tip: 1972) of Burmese Prime Minister Gen Thein Sein that the first phase of bringing relief to the victims of the cyclone has been completed and the second phase, reconstruction, is now beginning, if the world does not intervene soon, the death toll could rise by thousands every day.

Two weeks after, on Saturday May 17th, rallies and candle lit vigils will be held in London as well as in other cities of the world to urge France, Britain, the United States, and other countries to help the victims.

Here is a very short promo video for “May 17th Global Day of Action for Burma” demonstrations across the world:


  1. Thanks for posting this, Rob. I saw it on facebook and it reminded me I had to post about it!!

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  2. Hola Nora! Glad to have been of help. Cheers