January 27, 2009

Beckham and Capello: a matter of Destiny?

Will David Beckham make the move from Los Angeles to Milan? The turning point of the whole story might have come in Bologna on Sunday, writes the Los Angeles Times, when the LA Galaxy star and former captain of England’s national team—due to return to Major League Soccer on March 9—made his third consecutive start and scored his first goal for the seven-time European champion AC Milan.

“He knows our desire, if he goes it will be a disappointment because of the contribution he is giving in terms of quality and balance,” said Monday coach Carlo Ancelotti, speaking on Italian radio.

It’s also worthy to note that with England’s manager Fabio Capello set to announce his squad for a friendly against Spain on February 11, David Beckham’s excellent performance for Milan could not have come at a better time. Not by chance Capello is expected to fly in for the match on Wednesday in Milan in order to observe Beckham playing for the Rossoneri.

As a moderate soccer fan, I wouldn’t overrate the importance of the whole matter, nonetheless I can’t help noting this singular irony of fate: one of the best soccer player and one the most brilliant coaches ever, the former English, the latter Italian, one has “bewitched” the most successful soccer team in Italy, the other has “conquered” England. And their paths cross in Milan … Do you believe in Destiny (I mean in “crossed destinies”)?

I am bound to say that I would like David Beckham to stay beyond his loan ending in March. Well, you know, I have been a supporter of Inter Milan FC—AC Milan’s city rival—since the times I was old enough to remember, but I can’t stand both its radical-chic president Massimo Moratti and its vain coach Jose Mourinho. So sorry ...