March 6, 2009

A bridge to the future?

Italy’s government has revived plans to build the Strait of Messina bridge, linking Sicily to the mainland. The single-span suspension bridge, with a central span of 3,300 m (about 2 miles), would be the longest in the world. The project is part of a massive 17.8bn-euro public works program to create new jobs and boost the economy.


  1. But have the figured out the engineering for it first? Last I heard there were still arguments about the actual feasibility of building it - or, more importantly, actually being able to keep it stable and usable. Speriamo.

  2. Well, Valerie, you know, for every public works project, here in Italy, there have always been crowds of Cassandras, objectors, hypercritical experts (or would-be experts) and, above all, political opponents who talk big and do nothing …, so most of the times I just don’t trust them. I have no reason to think that the planners are so naïve, incompetent and irresponsible as to have not fully considered the possible impact of the bridge, its feasibility, etc.

  3. Hi, Thanks for sharing this information. As per my view, I want to say that, the bridge will increase economic condition.Also it will help in travel. So we are waiting for this.