March 20, 2009


Sandro Botticelli, Primavera (Allegory of Spring), detail - Uffizi Gallery, Florence

The spring over there takes you by the throat, the flowers blooming by the thousands over white walls. If you strolled around for an hour in the hills surrounding my town, you would return with the odor of honey in your clothes.

—Albert Camus, The Misunderstanding (Le Malentendu), act 2, sc. 1.


  1. Lovely...and I thought Camus only strung together words that left mine brain cells gasping for air.

  2. Yes, I also had the idea I was gasping for air when I read "La peste".

    This detail of La primavera has such high quality.

    It was painted more or less in the period when the body of a beautiful girl was found incorrupt in a sarcophagus along the Appian Way, a few miles from Rome. I would love, if possible, a comment of yours on this (my last post).

    Ciao Rob

  3. A beautiful picture and quote. Is this one of Botticelli's? It looks like it. I'll look it up. I'm sure I've seen this before. Perhaps at the Uffizi. Also, I must read some Camus. Thank you.