April 3, 2009

Trusting to the future

They seem to be quite happy with the end result (“a turning point in our pursuit of global economic recovery,” said President Barack Obama). Let’s all cross our fingers and pray that they are right.


  1. One has the impression that this summit is indeed a historical event. A more important turning point in the chapter of our history than we might imagine, in spite of the demonstrations of the 'illuminés' with their protests so sadly out of date, or the
    opinions of the die hard pessimists.

    Naturally it's not possible to perform miracles in three days, but this solidarity and determination, the realisation at last that we all live in this little world and are thus all effected by those who abuse the rules, is an accomplishment in itself. Its signification is immense and this is also illustrated by the new pacific agreements between the USA and Russia.

    There are still, and always will be, serious problems to solve and it's best not to have too many illusions, but it seems that the world has just taken an enormous step into the future.

  2. And you thought Bush was inarticulate. Don't look for any of this on the American broadcast nets.
    Oh, and here's the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojeTr9P7ax4

    Seriously, 54 seconds into this video the "leader of the Free World" bows before an slave-owning tyrant. A first in American history and you just can't make up this stuff! America is in the grip of an amateur, playing at President. Among Muslim democrats and human rights advocates, utter dejection that the "leader of the Free World" has offered himself as a "subject" of the Saudi monarch; among Islamists, bliss over America's seeming prostration before Salafist Islam; among international bad actors, assurance that America poses no threat; and among our allies, depression about the new systemic instability of the most dependable superpower in history.
    Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=S60U-hl35Gw&feature=player_embedded

    It's a wonderful photo that you've posted of these three clowns. We are living in dangerous times and we keep electing children to lead us. Where are the men when you need them?

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  4. That photograph gives me an uncomfortable chill....