May 20, 2009

Why do you suppose someone would like to be a liberal?

Did you ever wish you were a liberal? Well, not only are you probably in good company, but you might also find out a lot of reasons why you should. What about me? Nah, I used to be that way myself : you have to have been one of them to know how good it is to not be a so-called liberal anymore. (Thanks: Steven)


  1. True think I was a full blown Marxist at one time. But I'll chock it up to be young and dumb. Good grief, I heard a man in the street interview, and a guy was asked if the gov't should provide you with an auto to get to and from work, and he said yes. gaaaaarg I think too that our Statist opposition never reads or listens to Conservative writers or talkers, so I'm wondering if there's any hope for the half of the US population will ever get that they alone are responsible for the results of their own actions or decisions, not the other guy.

  2. I always think of... I can't remember his name, which is also to the point, ah yes, François Bayrou. One of those who pretends to have all the answers and is generously given the opportunity to expound on them by the French media, but always seems somehow to avoid the final commitment that would enable him to see if they actually work or not. They are the holier than thou eternal critics. The middle, or nowhere men.

    Bayrou has been around, making his regular appearances on the French political tv scene for so many years now that he reminds one of a mediocre book on the mantle piece propped up by bookends. It's been read once or twice, which was ample, and has gradually become part of the furniture one no longer sees but has learnt to accomodate or tolerate.

  3. 100% agreed. As many moderate conservatives, I too was once a 'liberal' and have grown more open. Yes, open to all points of view and more closely identify with conservatives than liberals. I have become increasingly aware that many liberals are very angry a lot of the time. Seems they have a 'get even' attitude for all the wrongs of a supposed society that a mysterious group of 'others' control. The reality is we all participate (at least in the US) and contribute to the attributes of the society and culture in which we live. It's time more of us 'look in the mirror' and say "what can I do to make this existence easier for those that I touch every day?" "What can I do to ease the suffering of others?" We should all remember that none of us can know what another is going through or what is driving their actions. What can I do to be more socially, fiscally, morally and politically responsible for my actions?
    I know, sounds a bit liberal, but my real belief is that only I can change my situation, not the gov't, not an aid society, not my job, not my spiritual leader, only me. I am the one that needs to make the changes needed in me. If we each make positive changes in our own lives all of society benefits.