June 16, 2009

And ‘The Doctor’ said ‘mamma mia!’

Okay, I’m 24 hours late here, but it’s just for those who might have lost it.


Of course there will be people who say otherwise, but, honestly, after that race, and that incredible performance by Rossi, can anyone seriously argue against Rossi being the greatest ever?
That last lap had me jumping up and down screaming. My heart rate went into the red. Utterly fantastic.

The Times:

“In Italy, for a race like this we say, ‘mamma mia!’,” Rossi said. “I have dreamed that overtake for one week. I knew I had to fight and it was a great battle to the end.” Lorenzo, eight years Rossi’s junior at 22, said: “I wasn’t expecting him to take me at that point. He was more courageous and deserved the win.”

Those last two laps (Moto Gp - CATALUNYA, June 14, 2009):


  1. Wow! I don't know much about motorbike racing, but that was wonderful. Never knew that a motorbike race could be so- 'moving'! 'Mamma mia' is right!

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