June 20, 2009

Rainbow alphabet doggerel (E,F)

E is for Empty

Empty, full
Early, late
Easy, hard
Love or hate

East or West
Beginning, end
Odds or evens
Break or mend

Ever, never
Dislike, enjoy
Enter, exit
Girl or boy

Expand, retract
Enemy, friend
Ease, discomfort
Earn or spend


F is for Find

Fat, thin
Future, past
Front, back
First or last

True or false
Foolish, wise
Fact or fiction
Fall or rise

Lost, found
Friend or foe
Succeed or fail
Fast or slow

Strong or frail
Tied or free
Without its opposite
Can it be?


There is always

A way to find out
If there is any doubt
Of what one wants
To know about


Text © Mirino
(PW) image © Lisa. June, 2009

G and H

C and D

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