June 29, 2009

Rainbow alphabet doggerel (I,J)

I is for Immodest

Inside, outside
Up and down,
The inane King
Can't find his gown.
His courtesans
Have no right to frown
Because he wears
His royal crown.


J is for Jump

Jack was a judicious man
And just the job as a judge,
Although he joked and jumped
About at each trial,
His wig never seemed to budge.

Mother made a jelly,
Jimmy jumped for joy.
Mother, jolted
Dropped the jelly.
Jimmy is a clumsy boy.

Text & images © Mirino
(PW) image © Binta. June, 2009

K and L

G and H


  1. Interesting text & photos. You have a nice blog. Keep it up!

  2. Fantastic! Lo dirò al mio nipotino (ha 9 anni e fa i corsi di inglese) e sono sicuro che gli piacerà un sacco!

  3. In this case Donald, it consists of watercolour vignettes or drawings (mine and some of the kids) and doggerel poetry, although some of the poems might even be considered passable..
    On behalf of Wind Rose Hotel, which means Rob, and the Metaphysical Peregrine, thank you for your appreciation.

    Grazie Alessandro. (A mio avviso apprendere non dovrebbe mai essere un dovere arduo, ma un piacere e un genere di gioco, soprattutto per i bimbi. Incitarli prima a volere apprendere un'altra lingua è primordiale. Anzi scoraggiarli avrà ovviamente un effetto negativo e durevole).