June 3, 2009

The vengeance of the Shark

Just a quick update on the Berlusconi-Noemi Letizia issue. Not that I have any wish to look after this, and besides I think I said everything I had to say about this subject, but, you know, The Times is the Times, even under Mr. Rupert Murdoch, isn’t it? Er, actually, I am not that sure anymore, but who cares? What matters is the substance of their comments, and the substance is a shower of abuse on a carefully chosen target…

Then again, not that I feel like I have to answer back. Besides, someone else, more entitled than me, already did it: the Milan newspaper Il Giornale, owned by il Cavaliere. What would be more appropriate than “a frank dialogue” between the two respective owners? Unfortunately Il Giornale still has not provided an English-language version of the full editorial, titled Murdoch lo squalo addenta Berlusconi per salvare Sky (“Shark” Murdoch Catches Berlusconi To Save Sky). It’s a pity indeed. But if you stick to essentials, there is an interesting piece by Dennis Redmont, in February 18, 2009 issue of Time Magazine, well worth reading: Berlusconi vs. Murdoch: Italy’s Real Reality TV. Very informative and enlightening! (Thanks: Alex)

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  1. Hi Rob,

    I dare say that Murdoch is milking the Noemi case for all it's worth - after all, bringing down Berlusconi would make like easier for Sky in Italy.

    But Berlusconi could do with being a little more frank on the Noemi case. And his being cagey is not helping matters - as well as fuelling lots of speculation and helping to sell loads of newspapers!

    Murdoch is as 'furbo' as Berlusconi - if not more so, and he's literally profiting from Berlusconi's discomfort. Of course, if all the furore does lead to Berlusca's downfall too (I doubt it), Murdoch will be laughing all the way to the bancomat. Murdoch has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    The Berlusconi bashing will continue. And the supposed misuse of official aircraft will represent more opportunities for attempting to knock Berlusca off his podium.

    Not sure there is a valid alternative to him at the moment though.