August 19, 2009

Old and new treasures

With this I complete my trilogy of religious & spiritual posts of middle summer..

Father Philip Neri Powell, OP, an American friar and a fellow blogger whom I deeply admire and respect (I love his humor almost as much as his homilies..), has been working on Treasures Old and New: Traditional Prayers for Today's Catholics until last June. Now the book—which is due out on September 15 August 21, 2009, but there will be a second volume out early next year—has gone to the printers. In the meantime, while faithfully and impatiently waiting to read it, readers have been given by Liguori Publications the opportunity to view some sample pages from the book.


  1. Rob, thanks for the link!

    The book is ready to ship on Aug 21st.

    BTW, ignore the typos. God will still hear the prayers.

    Fr. Philip

  2. You are very welcome, Fr. Philip. It was my pleasure!
    August 21? That’s good—three weeks less to wait.. ;-)