August 9, 2009

Rainbow alphabet doggerel (M,N)

M is for Moon

"I have made a mistake,"
Said the man in the moon,
"For the sun is still shining,
I've arisen too soon

But then I am mad
So it's best I eclipse,
I shall go down to Margate
And buy fish and chips".

n Monday Mr. Murgles
Sold some melons to my mummy.
This may have caused the gurgles
That meander in my tummy.


N is for Noah

Noah was a naval man
Who made a naval ark
And filled it full of animals
From Nairobi's National Park

There were elephants and buffalos
And even kangaroos,
Giraffes as well as zebras
And naturally gnus

There were anteaters and ostriches,
Two of every kind.
Only nasty nurgles and wild knackersnaps
Were those Noah left behind.

(This extra last verse is reserved for adults,
especially those who still believe in Darwin's theory)

Noah knew a shapely girl
And vowed to save her life,
So by the time it started raining
He had also left his wife.


Text & images © Mirino (PW) August, 2009

O and P

K and L

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