August 18, 2009

Rainbow alphabet doggerel (O,P)

O is for Ogre

Orid, the ogre
Was a villainous rogue
Who ate owls and oxen
And pies made with toad.


P is for Pig

The polyglot pelican
Spoke to the pig
Who wore pink pants
As he danced a jig.

'Your pants have the hue
Of a plump, ripe peach
And you proudly prance.
It's beyond all speech.'

(The pelican's pouch
Was so full of fish
That his pronunciation
Was not as he would wish)

But it mattered not
A purple plum
For the prancing pig
Was both deaf and dumb.


Text & images © Mirino (PW) August, 2009

Q and R

M and N

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