September 19, 2009

Against Anti-Americanism

“Ours is a better world because of America. The world is safer because of the American soldier. The world is wealthier because of American enterprise. The world is healthier because of American technology. No nation is perfect, but imagine the world without America. I reject anti-Americanism. I declare myself a friend of the United States of America.”

That’s what is stated in the Global Declaration Against Anti-Americanism, issued by, the website of the London Centre for the Study of Anti-Americanism, a cross-party organization—which was launched and funded in October 2008 by “supporters of America”—aimed to “increase understanding of America, to debunk some of the leading myths about the United States, and to make a positive case for a continuing leading role for America in the world.”

The Declaration can be signed here.

“Anti-Americanism,” as the organization’s manifesto states, “is not just America’s problem.” And that is undoubtedly true. I have just signed up.


  1. Thanks Rob, wonderful tip! I'm sharing it :-)

    Umberto (Mixumb)

  2. Thanks Rob, this heartens me. The battle against anti-Americanism in our own country is sometimes overwhelming.