September 26, 2009

Rainbow alphabet doggerel (U,V)

U is for Unicorn

I once saw a unicorn
Quite unexpectedly.
It stood upon a mountain side
Under a eucalyptus tree.

Unable to contain myself
I uttered words of joy,
Aware of the enchantment
That I was once more a little boy.

The unicorn looked at me
And seemed to understand.
The dream was unforgettable,
A utopian wonderland.


V is for Vision

The vulgar vulture
Was very vain
Until he viewed
His reflection
In a puddle of rain.

"What a vile vision",
He vociferated,
Then vexed by the verity,
Flew off exasperated.


Text & image © Mirino
(PW) image © Eva. September, 2009

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