October 17, 2009

The Health Care Battle - Free Choice or Submission to the State?

~ “LETTERS FROM AMERICA” - by The Metaphysical Peregrine ~

Obama and Congress are making yet another push to force Americans onto Nationalized Health Care. This past week the Senate passed the Baucus bill. All Democrats and one Republican voted for it. The Republican, Olympia Snowe, is a RINO (Republican In Name Only) that votes most of the time with the Democrats. From that and the House bill, there will be a reconciliation bill that is supposed to be the bill that will finalize ultimate control of the people to the State.

Obama and the Dems are intent on getting control of health care in this country, because it would effectively place everyone in the country under the thumb of the State. What can’t be connected to health care and legislated to control behavior? What you eat, what you wear, the car you drive, how you raise your kids, what doctor you go to…everything is related to health care. The Statists have gained control of a huge chunk of the automotive industry, the banking and investment industry, education, and insurance industry. Of this last, they will be able to control completely with the enforcement of ObamaCare.

Over half of the American people want no part of ObamaCare, yet the Statists persist. All during August a huge movement and protests rose up against it. The result was if you’re against it you’re a racist and a whole bunch of other nasty and vile names. Right now in America, if you oppose anything Obama wants, you’re a racist; because you’re too stupid to understand policy, so that can be the only explanation.

The Statists are saying they can insure 47 million more people, cut costs, make it more affordable, eliminate waste and fraud, and provide even better health care. The waste and fraud part is especially a hoot; if that can be done, why hasn’t it already done so with existing government programs? If illegal aliens are taken out of the mix plus people that don’t want health insurance by choice, the number of people is closer to 12 million. They can address those specifically, but won’t because the intent is not helping people, but controlling them. What government program ever cost less over time and increased efficiency?

Not to bore anyone, but the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office says this is going to be a huge unfunded mandate that will cost close to a trillion dollars. (In an ‘oops’ moment on the floor of the Senate, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid let slip that the cost would be closer to two trillion.) Only raised taxes, higher national debt and denied care can even begin to address that much cost. "The CBO provides 10- year projections of a bill's cost. But most provisions of the health bill don't take effect until 2014. So the '10-year' cost projection only includes six years of the bill. Plus, the costs ramp up slowly. In its first year, the House bill would only cost about $6 billion; in its first three, less than $100 billion. The big costs are in the final years of the 10-year budget window -- and beyond. In fact, over the first 10 years that the House bill would be in existence (2014 to 2024), its costs would be closer to $2.4 trillion." --Cato Institute
Investor's Business Daily: "The study (PricewaterhouseCoopers) estimates that the average family-coverage cost of about $12,300 [per year] could reach $17,200 in 2013 if these provisions were implemented, $21,300 in 2016 and $25,900 in 2019. Meanwhile, average single coverage -- $4,600 today -- could reach nearly $10,000 in 2019." (This is an additional cost to about a $4,000 per year increase in energy bills to families if “Cap and Trade" legislation gets passed.)

None of the ObamaCare bills (there are 4 or 5), House or Senate, have been printed. No one has read them. The Democrats can pass this legislation without one Republican voting for it, and have vowed to do so, even though most of Americans are against it. The Dems in Congress and Obama said all bills will be posted for a week before voting. No fiscal bill that has run us trillions more in debt were posted, but were voted on before printed; now they are doing the same with ObamaCare. Statists know better what’s good for you than you do. Welcome to Amerika.


  1. We all welcomed Obama and a new era of hope he seemed to represent. And such utopian idealism can always be made to look convincing in theory (as no doubt did the famous French '35 heures' devised theoretically to combat unemployment), but it's invariably full of loop holes, and if not impractical, it eventually ends up defeating its own purpose.

    Maybe the majority of Americans would agree that the US Health Care needs to be reformed, but perhaps such a radical reformation wouldn't be controllable without adopting quasi totalitarian methods of governing that even Democrats wouldn't accept.

    When health care starts off as a nationalised service then it would have more chance of evolving positively, at least up to a certain point of over exploitation.
    But to try to impose it radically rather than first introduce it where it might need to be introduced, seems effectively a very risky approach.

    After one of the most important economical crisis since the second world war, it also seems far too ambitious and extravagant.

  2. Over half of Americans do not want this type of 'reform'. That fact alone should be enough to stop its passage but it doesn't seem to matter. It might help to look at the people who are in favor of the bill - I dare to suggest that a large % of them are those who always expect a 'free ride' or those trying to cover illegals thru the back door. Those Americans who are truly in need should certainly be cared for, but my guess is that this is a rather small number and would not be too expensive to cover.
    Just as we allow perfectly healthy people to continue to live in public housing for generations, when most of them are able to work and care for themselves but because we make it so easy to choose not to do so,they begin to feel entitled. This bill is just more of the same and this country simply cannot afford to keep doing this, and frankly, those of us who do work and pay taxes are sick of it.