October 7, 2009

Obama's paradox

It was Nathaniel Hawthorne who said that grand schemes have perverse effects: “We miss the good we sought, and do the good we little cared for.” And it is thanks to the current President of the United States, according to Rich Lowry, the editor of National Review, that the theory proves true. In fact, even though for Obama, proving that the US is a center-right country presumably isn’t a “good” at all, “he’s done it with a finality that the late sociologist Seymour Lipset—a student of America’s cussedly right-leaning attitudes—might envy.” Thus, he has turned out to be “the Right’s best community organizer.” Here is how the ‘miracle’ (or ‘heterogenesis of the ends’, if you prefer) happened:

In nine months, he has breathed life into the Republican party, boosted pro-lifers, tarnished the reputation of regulation, bolstered traditional values, increased the public’s desire for immigration restriction, and shifted independent voters rightward.
Obama’s liberal grandiosity has reminded people why they tend to be conservative, something they wanted to forget during the last four years of the Bush administration. Gallup’s surveys in recent months are a long catalog of the Obama snap-back.

Without a doubt, it’s Rich Lowry at his best. [Thanks: Andrea]


  1. After Obama's glorious start, it hasn't taken very long for the adverse effect to set in. And it's not only a part of human nature in this accelerated case of the process.

    Maybe it made more sense forty years or so ago for a left wing administration to implement left wing politics nationally and give less priority to International concerns, but today the latter is far more risky if not irresponsible, and the former might be more utopian and impractical than ever.

  2. All true, and unfortunate. I didn't vote for Obama, but I support him as president. I hope he gains some experience quickly, throws out some of his quirky advisers, and learns how to do his job better.

    It's been said that Brazil has great potential and always will have. I hope we don't end up saying the same thing about Obama.