December 16, 2009

It's A Climategate Christmas

“Oh Climategate Oh Climategate those hacked emails have sealed your fate

Oh Climategate Oh Climategate micheals trick was really great

Medieval Warming now is done, Also the Maunder Minimum

Oh Climategate Oh Climategate maybe now we can debate. […]”

Minnesotans For Global Warming announces their new Christmas Album “It’s A Climategate Christmas.” Actually there is no album: all they have is the commercial.., but it’s very cool all the same, and it’s worth a smile—well, one can smile out of happiness, joy, kindness, hypocrisy, and sometimes to hide disappointment, frustration, sadness.. you decide!

Hat tip: Cambidistagione


  1. We're dreaming
    Of worthy scientists,
    Just like the ones
    We used to know,

    So let the beguiled believers
    Deal with frauds and deceivers
    And bury them deep
    In winter snow.

  2. No AL No AL
    No AL No AL
    Born is the Myth of the climate change bill

    ...waiting for the song "Al Gore Is Coming To Town..."

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  4. 'Good King Wenceslas looked out
    To check on global warming
    Yet thick frost lay all about
    And icicles were forming..

    Gayly shone the moon that night
    Though the frost was cru-el
    Chinese coal-men came in sight
    Deliv'ring winter fu-el'..