December 18, 2009

The US at the End of the Year 2009

~ “LETTERS FROM AMERICA” - by The Metaphysical Peregrine ~

This has been a mean and combative year in the US.

It didn’t get into full meanness until late summer. The House of Representatives tried to ram their takeover of the health insurance and health care industries before their summer recess, and failed. The reason they wanted to hurry up and get it done was because the American people were overwhelmingly against it. People jammed into Town Hall meetings with their Representatives and made it clear they didn’t want this legislation passed. These “representatives” of the people then denounced and called these citizens
names: Nazis, stupid, fascists, racists (you’re a racist if you oppose the polices of Obama) etc. Many of these Citizens are part of the “Tea Party” movement against high taxes, Cap and Trade legislation, and the government take over of the health industry. That we have government officials, elected representatives, insulting the citizens of this country is an outrage. They should all be fired.

All this week the Senate, which was designed to slow the political process, by reviewing the potential consequences of legislation, are doing exactly the same thing. About 60% of the American people, shown in several polls, do not want this legislation. Last night Senate Majority leader Harry Reid kept Senators until after midnight. Even if this government take over succeeds, it won’t go into effect until 2014, so what’s the rush? It hasn’t even been released out of committee; no one has read it expect for Harry Reid and his oligarchy. We do know this is part of it; if you don’t buy health insurance you will be fined and or imprisoned. If you change insurance companies or coverage, you will be forced to buy government insurance. Insurance companies to stay in business will have to comply with government mandates, ultimately making all insurance government insurance. Taxpayers’ money will be used to finance the elective procedure, abortion.

This has been the primary battle since May of this year.

The secondary battle is Cap and Trade. It’ll raise energy costs for the average American family of four by $1500-$4500. In an interview prior to his election, Obama said energy costs under his proposal will “necessarily skyrocket”. Nearly 60% of the American people are against this legislation.

This ties into climate change, which had its name changed from global warming because the earth has been cooling for over a decade. Plus lots of people have pointed out the year 1000 CE was warmer than it is now, and there was no industry; and that Greenland was once green. Copenhagen comes to a close today, I think. Worst storms there in decades, and I’m laughing. They should have held it in August! Duh. I didn’t hear any scientists’ speeches; just government functionaries from socialist countries demanding money from the US; then Communist dictators denouncing the US and capitalism, which got the loudest and most extended applause. Nothing was agreed on, except, baby it’s cold outside, the US is evil, and give us money.

Our president went to Cairo and softly denounced Christianity and strongly praised Islam. No effect on foreign relations there. Bowed to a Saudi king. No effect on foreign relations there. Went to Europe and talked about something not memorable at all on economics and climate. No effect on foreign relations there. Went to Asia, bowed before the Emperor of Japan with no effect on foreign relations there. In China couldn’t get help controlling North Korea, no human rights issues were addressed, no trade agreements, couldn’t get them to stop cheating on the valuation of their currency. Obama sided with dictators Chavez, Castro, and Ahmadinejad with the overthrow of the Constitutional government of Honduras by a dictator.

Meanwhile, no new businesses were started in the US. Unemployment is at 17%. The value of the dollar is plummeting. Tax revenues are way down. The number of government jobs is up, as is their pay, while pay in the private sector is frozen or reduced.

An Islamofacist yelling ‘Allah Akbar’ slaughters people in Fort Hood, Texas, and gets a pass, with excuses made by the Administration and the Main Stream Press. Three Navy Seals are facing Court Martial because a murdering terrorist claims he got roughed up when captured. This terrorist is the guy that captured American civilian workers in Falujah, dragged their dead bodies through the streets, burned their bodies, and hung them from the bridge over the Euphrates River. Meanwhile, the murderer Kalid Mohmmed and his fellows that planned 9/11 and killed 3,000 Americans are getting full US citizen’s legal rights. Not so our brave Seals. The primary job of President of the US is Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. He’s letting the Seals be unjustly prosecuted, sending men and women into combat in Afghanistan without the goal of Victory. Also against the will of the American people he’s closing Gitmo, putting them in a prison in his home state, and giving them all full US Citizen’s judicial rights.

Everything this president and his Democrat Party have done this year is against the will of the Citizens. This is the definition of tyranny. It has not been a good year for the American Citizen. Fortunately his approval rating has dropped from the high sixties about nine months ago to about 47%. Congress’s approval has dropped to the twenty percentile.

We have a huge national election next November. We can turn this dismal performance around, and stop tyranny in its tracks. The Republican Party though, is the Party of Stupid, so any optimism is cautious.

This year end report is sad; sad for my country, and by extension the rest of the world. America until now has been the engine for the world economy, the ‘city on the hill’ for freedom. Everyone on the planet that wants fiscal strength and Liberty, had best pray and hope, that the Citizens of the United States stand up against Tyranny this coming November.

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  1. His popularity has waned generally, not only because everyone wanted to believe in him and his 'yes we can', which seems to have evolved to a 'Yes I can, and you know what you can do'. A US President who believes he's incapable of making mistakes, can become a potential danger, internationally as well. He has already made a few international boobs. But America is a great democracy, and great democracies never accept any form of tyranny, especially chez-eux.
    So chin up, and Merry Christmas TMP!