January 13, 2010

The WWII vet and the Holocaust survivor: a telephone conversation about President Obama

Harold and Esther are both in their 90s, and they are amazed, angry, and determined not to see the US die before they do. And they both are not fans of Obama’s apologetic attitude towards nations classically hostile to both America and Israel. Sara K. Eisen—Esther’s granddaughter—got the crazy idea that they should meet...


  1. The letter is heart lifting, and again one sees Obama begging and bowing before those who take it as a delightful endorsement for them to continue to abuse the world in general. Although this pandering isn't limited to the US President, and Europe is becoming particularly vulnerable because of its weak international stance and lack of solidarity with regard to integration and foreign affairs. But the US President represents the greatest democracy in the world, the defender of freedom sans égale. The world, and certainly Europe still, look towards the USA for example and an important degree of leadership. But neither are as apparent as they once were, when in fact today they should be more apparent then ever.

  2. Unfortunately, this US President doesn't see the US as a defender of freedom and democracy. He embraces fascism and tyranny. He borrows not yet generated tax revenue from citizens, plus prints money, to buy automotive, insurance, and financial companies so his government can run them. He puts his own military on trial for capturing murderous Islamofascist thugs, demoralizing our military and making them afraid to kill and capture bad guys. He's trying get every citizens to submit their personal health choices to government bureaucrats. Obama doesn't believe in Liberty, and is an international promoter of tyranny.

    Until he is out of office, don't look to the US as a defender of Freedom.

  3. That's truly an inspirational story, and the two people are themselves inspirational. Thanks for posting the links.

    I'm not quite as down on Obama as Mr. Estes is, but I'm disappointed with a lot he's doing, both in foreign and domestic affairs. I think he's learning on the job, and every president has to do that. He's a smart guy, and maybe he'll get it figured out. But I'm beginning to have some doubts.