March 11, 2010

News from Italy

In search for news from Italy? Well, here are two for you to ponder, but not actually “good” news, just news—I have got to warn you, if you ever loved this country… The first one is that once upon a time there was Milan, I mean AC Milan. The second one is about the elections on March 28 and 29 in 13 of Italy’s 20 regions. Follow the links and you will find out “almost” everything you need to know about the two stories. Embedded in that “almost” is my personal opinion, above all on the election affair, but one cannot always split hairs, can one?


  1. Yes. Once upon a time there was AC Milan - the most trophied team in the world.

    Now it's time for Inter to put up or shut up. If anything to recover some Serie A "honor."