March 25, 2010

The Vote Down the Throats

~ “LETTERS FROM AMERICA” - by The Metaphysical Peregrine ~

Due to illness and now going on vacation until next week, The Metaphysical Peregrine has been unable to create a fresh blog for the Wind Rose Hotel. I felt the need to post this because of Rob's last post on ObamaCare. I agree with Giannino from that post. I posted this regarding the health care battle going on here in the U S. on my own site. What follows is a bit wonkish, but gives an idea of some of the things in the nearly 3000 page bill that not one Senator or Congressman that voted for it has read. Lots of bribes and threats were made to pass this. When I get back from vacation, I'll provide an update about the political repercussions, and some of the terrible costs imposed, both financially and to people.

The Vote came down to this.

U.S. House Roll Call Votes On Passage of the Bill "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" (H.R. 3590) Sunday, March 21, 2010.

YEAs: 219 (Voting yes were 219 Democrats and 0 Republicans)
NAYs: 212 (Voting no were 34 Democrats and 178 Republicans)
(There are 4 vacancies in the 435-member House.)
How each Congressman voted here.

It's estimated that this bill will add somewhere between $1.5 - $2 Trillion, while at the same time saving billions and reducing insurance premiums by 3000%. The 3000% is a quote a couple days ago by Obama. How costing trillions more reduces costs and lowers the deficit is a mystery to me. Whenever I spend more money, I have less of it. When I borrow money and spend it, I shoot right past zero and have less than less of it.

Here's one accounting trick the Dems are using. They will collect revenues for Obamacare for four years before spending or "outlays". Of course they will use that money for their other Statist programs, not invest it in health programs.

Doctors will receive cuts in Medicare payments; so do you think they will continue to provide Medicare services? Would you work for less money? About 30% of doctors say they will change professions. These are smart people, and have plenty of professional options open.

Taxes: $409.2 billion in additional taxes by 2019, and who do you think will pay those? Of course the Dems say rich people will, but rich people can hide their wealth. Who's left? You, middle class America. The "poor", the nearly half of the population that doesn't pay taxes, get an even bigger free ride. Do you have a really good policy? Cadillac plan penalties of course won't be paid by union members, rich people have their own coverage, and poor people get a free ride. Who does that leave? Middle class people. We're talking about a 40% excise tax. If you're a small businessman making $250,000...that's your income from your business that is taxed as personal income, would you expand your business so you can pay more taxes?

Need a wheelchair? Taxed an extra 2.3%. How's that for compassion? I have several friends in wheelchairs, and every one of them struggles financially. Need a hip replacement? Added tax.

Business. They already know it's cheaper to pay the fines to not cover their employees than cover them. Insurance executives that get paid over $500,000 will be penalized, and will not be able to take deductions. Someone want to show me where in the Constitution it says the government can control private citizens' pay?

This last really caps all this. Citizens who don’t buy insurance will be fined $325 in 2015 and $695 in 2016. After that you can get penalized as much as 2.5 percent of your income in 2016, if the total is greater than the flat payment. Someone want to show me where in the Constitution the government can force citizens to buy a product and fine them if they don't? Dems say health care is a "right". Can anyone show me a "right" that you decide not to indulge, that you'll be fined and/or sent to prison?

Complete esoteric details of tax, prison, fines, and the rest of this unconstitutional mess here.

My suggestion, after Obama signs this, if you have a complaint about your insurance company, call your representative and senator. Have a complaint about your doctor, call your representative and senator. When your insurance rates go up, call your representative and your senator. If you're on Medicaid, and your state decides it's cheaper not to have it, that the Fed's have to carry the weight, and you're denied care, call your representative or senator. If the cost of your meds go up, and they will, call your representative or senator. I say all this because they know better than you and your doc how to treat what ails you. Next time you're in the DMV, and waiting forever to be called for a 10 minute transaction, just be thinking, "Boy! I can't wait until my medical care is so great!"

By the way, Leftist CNN has new poll today, shows 59% of Americans are against this. Before today 52%-56% against.

Even more esoteric details of this plan here.


  1. Thank you so much, Steven. Enjoy your vacations!

  2. But according to the French LCI journal this morning, what could be considered good news (not for Obama) is, that due to ballot 'irregularities' - perhaps including what Giannino alluded to - the vote will have to retaken. Because of the tight margin, this could be, at least temporarily, fatal to Obamacare.

  3. Thanks for the info! That would be a very good news...