April 27, 2010

Nine reasons to be alarmed about Biden's stance on Iran

According to Vice President Biden Iran has never been more isolated and the international community never more united against it. He also thinks proposed (tougher) UN sanctions against Iran—the US said yesterday it wants to see a sanctions resolution submitted “as soon as possible” within the UN Security Council—will stop Tehran’s nuclear weapons program. Wishful thinking? Realistic hope? Well, apart from the obvious objections about whether or not new sanctions will actually serve the West’s interests, here are nine reasons why to be alarmed about Biden’s stance on Iran. By Peter Huessy, president of GeoStrategic Analysis and Senior Defense Consultant at the National Defense University Foundation.

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  1. As a rule the US democrats' foreign policy was always a bit wishy washy, but this administration seems to be an all time winner in 'wishy washying'. Obama will probably still be stretching out his noble hand to Ahmadinejad by the time the Iranian regime have set up missiles capable of hitting Washington. We know they are training and arming the Taliban. We know the Hezbollah has now an impressive array of missiles, (thanks also to Syria) capable of hitting any part of Israel. It's blatantly obvious that the Iranian regime has an urgent program that has nothing to do with world peace. The West is continually being most obliging by generously allowing this criminal regime exactly what it needs, enough time. Thanks also to the false priority of vainly maintaining 'good relations' with Russia and China.