April 12, 2010

The Vatican's new blog

It's official: the Vatican Information Service—a news service, founded in the Holy See Press Office, that provides information about the Magisterium and the pastoral activities of the Holy Father—has now its own blog.

At the moment, the posts are simply a recapitulation of the service’s daily email digests (sent to subscribers every day at 3 p.m.). Latest post:
Guide to Understanding Basic CDF Procedures concerning Sexual Abuse Allegations

Via The Anglo-Catholic.

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  1. The Pope's new measures sound promising, but even if Cardinal Bertone's suggestion is true, that there is a close link between homosexuality and pedofilia, would it not be wise to make celibacy a free choice instead of an obligation for Catholic priests? It might also be a way of eventually sorting things out, between normal and abnormal behaviour.

    (The phallic art in Malta, in time for the Pope's visit, isn't likely to make his task any easier. Hopefully it will be removed before the week-end).