May 19, 2010

American Heart

They say that we need changin’
As if all the Founding Fathers
seem to get it wrong
But I say I still believe in
The greatest Liberator, Innovator, Cultivator
Freedom knows

Sarah Palin called the tune “an amazing love song for America.” Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton recommends it to foreigners “who want to know how the real America feels.” And after hearing the song one woman said, “We are so used to hearing the entertainment industry bash our country and bash us regular folks. It was amazing to hear someone put into words how so many of us feel about our Nation. It gave me chills.”

So no wonder if “American Heart” is becoming the default theme song at Tea Parties across the USA. And it’s really an amazing song, a hymn to America and to Freedom.

Although known as “Jon David,” his real name is Jonathan Kahn, a Hollywood screenwriter/director and singer/songwriter. Using the same pseudonym, he also authors a popular series of articles at Big Hollywood, “My Weekly Date with a Liberal.” Why the pseudonym? Why the baseball cap and the sunglasses he wears when performing in public? It’s to protect himself, he says, from the overt liberal bias toward conservatives in Hollywood, where, in his own words, “being a conservative is the kiss of death.” Yeah, because “the industry responsible for setting the cultural tone in America, which keeps itself warm under the expansive blanket of free speech, has no issue attempting to silence the conservative voice within its ranks,” as it can be read on the song’s page. Hmm… that sounds familiar here in Europe…

But I’m American made
I got American parts
Got American faith
In America’s heart
Go on raise the flag
I got stars in my eyes
I’m in love with her
And I won’t apologize.


  1. Beautiful song, simply superb lyrics!

  2. We like this. One because it's a great and descriptive song, plus such sentiments drive Universal, no borders Statists crazy.

  3. Never mind that white "christian" America was founded on Grand Theft of the land and resources of the "Indians". Genocide (that is systematic deliberate murder) of the "Indians". And massive slavery, which is BOTH grand theft and systematic murder too--murder of both the victims soul and body.

    Why not check out Columbus and Other Cannibals by Professor Jack Forbes re the real nature of the white-mans "spirit" in the USA.

    Or God is Red and Custer Died For Your Sins by Vine Deloria Jr.

    And this reference on the "great man/communicator" Ronald Reagan