May 21, 2010

'The Face of God'

Roger Scruton’s series of Gifford lectures on “The Face of God” are available for listening online. Five of the six lectures have been presented so far. Listeners may leave comments and a recording session is planned in which Scruton can respond to some of them.

Science has a unique authority among thinking people today, and its popularizers have presented a picture of the human condition from which God is absent. Yet, according to Scruton, by understanding the world in this way we fortify those destructive tendencies in our culture which are wiping away the face of the world. These lectures are devoted to showing that this is so, and to pointing to the remedy.

Roger Scruton is currently Research Professor for the Institute for the Psychological Sciences, where he teaches philosophy at their graduate school in both Washington and Oxford. He is one of Britain’s best known and most distinguished philosophers and public intellectuals. He engages in contemporary political and cultural debates from the standpoint of a conservative thinker and is well known as a powerful polemicist.

His publications include Art and Imagination (1974), The Aesthetics of Architecture (1979), The Politics of Culture (1981), The Aesthetic Understanding (1983), Kant (1983), Sexual Desire (1986), Spinoza (1987), The Philosopher on Dover Beach (1989), Modern Philosophy(1994), Animal Rights and Wrongs (1996), The Aesthetics of Music (1999), Death Devoted Heart (2004), Culture Counts (2007), Beauty (2009), Understanding Music (2009) and a volume of autobiography, Gentle Regrets (2006).

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  1. Great tip for expanding our knowledge. Many thanks.

  2. I wonder if you know that the Institute for Psychological Sciences is an Opus Dei propaganda outfit.

    That having been said please check out these 2 refrences on the applied politics of Opus Dei (and of the AEI too--at which Roger is a "scholar")

    Plus the baneful outfit criticized in this site is loudly supported by the AEI.

    So much for the "face of god".