June 8, 2010

It’s all Bush’s fault

It’s George Bush’s fault. Everything is George Bush’s fault. Why? Well, because it’s always someone else’s fault. “This is reaching the level of hilarity. Except it’s so sad,” says Steven at The Metaphysical Peregrine. And I think he is right. One might also say, yes, it would be funny, except it is happening to me, to us Americans. You have all my European solidarity—after all every country has its own Dems and liberal media…


  1. Hoot! What a funny pic! Love it!

  2. Well, yes, I suppose so ... ;-)

  3. I think the days are over when men of integrity will step up and take responsibility for their own mistakes and failures. And while I realize the photo was meant as a joke, it is no joke that in our country, much is blamed on Bush that isn't his fault and never was. Obama's first two years in the White House saw him surrounded by a Democratic Congress who bowed to his every command. His presidency is not without it's own faults, though you'll never hear them take responsibility for them. Unlike Truman, who said "the buck stops here," current politicians play the blame game--to their own detriment. People are not as dumb as they think we are.