June 24, 2010

See you soon, Italy!

Poor lads, don't go too hard on them, after all they did what they could do... Arrivederci Italia!

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  1. Yep, they did what they could do -- not much, actually...

  2. Don't you get the feeling that we are in the process of witnessing a new order in football? The epoch of mythic football stars seems to be nearing an end. If it's true, perhaps it's just as well, considering how much they earn. How can they play well as a team if they are virtually in competition with each other regarding their financial worth?
    Whe one saw the young Japanese running rings round the Danes, it supports the idea that things seem to be changing. Perhaps there will be more surprises to come.

  3. Perhaps you are right, Mirino, but in the case of Italy's national team there could be another explanation: they are only a bunch of poor boys ... ;-)

  4. Its really very soon that our team came back home.


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