September 11, 2010

9 Years Ago Today - We Will Never Forget

George W. Bush: Bullhorn Speech to Emergency Rescue Workers at 9/11 Ground Zero, New York, delivered September 14 2001. Read the complete transcript here.
Via Gateway Pundit. See also Remembrance 9/11 at The Metaphysical Peregrine.


  1. We'll be forever saddened by this day. Our hearts will be forever broken that so many died and suffered.

  2. “These acts shatter steel, but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve. America was targeted for attack because we’re the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world. And no one will keep that light from shining. Today our nation saw evil and we responded with the best of America.”

    - George W. Bush, in a speech made on September 11, 2001 and quoted in the London Times of the following day.